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Your own GOAT YOGA

Make sure to review this page prior to submitting your quote request below---baaah!!! ("thank you")

A Little Goats a Long Way


Something different

Goats are calming, funny, silly, sweet & loving. They enjoy goat yoga even more than you! 

How it Works

We come to you -anywhere in the state of California- and put on a private goat yoga event just for you and your guests.

Ready to liven up the holiday party, bachelorette party or unwind on the wedding weekend? What about your girls' weekend or family retreat! Maybe your corporate getaway, return to work, university staff, student or associated students program, corporate retreat or annual event. Whatever you're planning, your activity just 'goat' a little more interesting!

We provide everything from start to finish, you get us the details and all you have to do is send out the invite for your VIGP - Very Important Goat People. We come in for set-up ahead of your event and are ready to goat at the event time! 

Be it 1 or 300+ participants we goat you covered.

What's Included

We provide:

-Certified yoga instructor


-Portable fencing/containment


-Courtesy yoga mats for use


-Miniature goats

-An hour long yoga session (Extra half hour or 2nd sessions available)

-Up to 30 mins after for photos with our assistance posing goats for those classic 'goat on the back photos,' etc.

-Transport of all materials and goats to the event site

-We carry goat yoga and auto insurance coverage for the event/activity

-W-9 available upon request

Venue/Location FAQ:

Venue may be added as our 'Additionally Insured' for 'goat yoga activities'


We have further insurance information and other details we can provide to the venue owner upon booking your event

Public parks generally do not allow 'livestock' and usually take 45-60 days for permissions to take place in those cities which allow it 

Private Properties are the 'best fit' for Goat Yoga, such as a private residence, hotel or golf course

Short Term Rental locations such as Air BnB or VRBO will require the Host's permission via written consent upon booking

Artificial turf is not an option we offer, please make sure the 'green grass' is live, living grass

Sticker weeds (i.e., dry brush vs green lawn) are not appropriate as these damage our yoga mats and some flora is toxic to goats

Parking lots/asphalt/concrete areas are not an area we offer goat yoga on at this time 


Shade is always preferred, when available

For Universities, we have been all over for 6 years providing large events onsite at universities with staff, retreats, wellness programs, associated student organizations and more. Programs from 70-300+ are a regular activity with us year-round. Our insurance coverage and how we do business is set-up and ready for a smooth vendor experience, thrilled clients and ecstatic participants. Many university clients are returning clients with us! 

A Few Basics

Outdoor events are done on LIVE, living green grass. 

Private events are not for resale or to the public, but specifically for your selected group - be it family, friends, business, members, or community/specialty event, etc. 

Private events are all done as a package to include location, mileage, number of participants, equipment and cleaning, staffing and instructor, overnight accommodation as needed, etc. Each event is as unique as you.


We take the stress out of organizing a fun experience so you and your group may arrive and unwind, relax and have a 'goat' time without any of the 'behind the scenes' work that goes into the planning and preparation from the farm to you. 

With mileage included, most smaller events we receive inquiries for come out to $4600-6500 depending on distance from our farm and number of participants. San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties generally can expect events starting at $2600 and up for small events.


As a small family owned and operated Regenerative farm and ranch practicing Sustainable Agriculture through Holistic Management, all goat yoga proceeds go directly back into the farm and its animals. THANK YOU for your support and consideration of our 'California Goat Yoga' public outreach program. 

We love what we do and love sharing it with you! We are the state's #1 Goat Yoga for a reason! Come see what we're all about. We welcome the opportunity to make your next event the GOAT*!

    *Greatest Of All Time


To give you a general idea, with mileage, etc. included, most small to medium events we receive quote requests for come out to about $4600-6500. Larger group sizes and/or further distances can expect a higher amount reflected. 

We are not a petting zoo or pop up backyard enthusiast dabbling in 'yoga with some goats'... But we do our very best to make it look easy! How? Because we are professionals! With over 20 years of event planning experience, 29 years livestock experience, tourism, hospitality and customer service, we know a bit about making the 'magic' happen. 


 We are an established 200+ acre ranch with an additional few hundred acres leased annually. As a Regenerative Farm & Ranch, agriculture is our passion and we're blessed to have shared goat yoga around the state for 6 years with public, private, corporate, university, celebrity and film events. The event itself is a small fraction of what goes into making goat yoga a success. The goats are a 365 days a year job, and they trust they will always eat and be cared for whether it's a 'goat yoga' day or not. We appreciate our great clients who support our farm and its animals who call the land here home.

We look out for our clients and care about your interests. When you work with us, we are fully insured in multiple capacities which helps you and your home, business or entity have peace of mind when engaging a vendor. We adhere to all federal and state regulations, including workers compensation for any employees and paying those persons a living wage. The goats are always paid first, and while they may not be busy shopping on eBay for goat sized shirts, they appreciate the hay, grain, supplies and veterinary care their clients provide for them to live out their best goat lives.

While goat yoga is a LOT of fun, like all aspects of our agribusiness we take it very seriously and provide clients the best mobile goat yoga experience in the state. Let us show you a 'goat' time!


If you are interested in a quote please reach out at least 30 days prior to your desired event date. 


If you need us to locate a venue for you, we need at least 30-days ahead to plan, two weeks is unfortunately not enough time for us to give you our best service.


  Events less than 30 days out will have an added rush fee applied to have the event placed as Priority.

We HIGHLY recommend booking your summer season events as early as possible. 


After receiving a quote, if you would like to move forward with booking we will e-mail over our Private Event Package which includes agreement, a copy of our business policies and procedures, checklist, etc.

To complete booking and reserve a date the Checklist must be completed: 

>Completed agreement


>Photos of location, parking situation, walkways or access from parking to yoga site

>Written permission from property owner for the activity

>Contact for the venue as well as the client

>Exact verbage for those to be named on our insurance as additionally insured.

An event is not considered booked until the checklist is completed. 

Event dates are not held for prospective, non-booked parties as this means we are forgoing booking another event.

The ranch keeps us busy, so please expect a few days for us to circle back with a quote. Thank you!

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We are known for going above and beyond for our clients and participant experience. We know YOU are the lifeblood of our business and we thank you for your support in turn.

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