*Please view our FAQ below before contacting us;  including refunds & cancellations, rain, future calendar dates & locations, what to bring, etc. Thank you!*

Please note, due to Covid affecting our small business we do not have any events for the remainer of 2020. We hope to resume Spring 2021 after the Covid situation resolves.


For upcoming events, please view the events page. 

For booking private events for 5/1/2021 & after, please fill out the form on the private events page.

Please expect a delay in response times as we are not in office, but out working our farm & ranch. Thank you!


We're often out of the office working the farm and ranch or out on goat yoga! Please give us a couple days to get back with you regarding your inquiry during our scheduled office hours.

Tel: 661-238-3072  |  Email: californiagoatyoga@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 'California Goat Yoga'?

CAGY is a public outreach program by Mullenax Ranch. We are a small family owned and operated working ranch out of Tehachapi, CA with mobile goat yoga programs all over the state. Our specialty is Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which are classified as a miniature breed of dairy goat. Every public outreach program goes directly back into caring for and providing for the animals. We do goat yoga to feed our animals. 

What to bring to class


Yourself, water bottle, sunscreen at your discretion, and camera/phone for camera use are welcome during class. We please ask you leave anything you'd rather not have nibbled or 'blessed' upon by a goat outside the yoga area. We provide yoga mats for complimentary use, or you may use your own. For most venues you may choose to wear or not wear your shoes during class, for indoor venues some may require shoes to be removed to preserve the flooring of an indoor yoga studio, for example.

Future Calendar Dates & Locations

As our dates are made available to the public they will be posted on our Sign-Up page and included in our regularly scheduled e-mail shoutouts to our Contact List. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CaliforniaGoatYoga. We don't disclose future dates and locations outside of what is posted publicly on our website, please check back on our website or Subscribe to our email list for updates. 


We make every effort to secure an indoor location as back-up for outdoor events (see below regarding refunds if we get rained out). Events scheduled for indoors are held rain or shine.

Refunds & Cancellation


We provide refunds for cancellation notices prior to Noon (PST) 4 days before your class, minus $10 service fee. Please send an e-mail to CaliforniaGoatYoga@gmail.com and we will start the refund process within 30 days, per our policy. Due to the expenses involved, we do not give refunds after the refund deadline has passed as the animals need to eat.

Please note, if rain/inclement weather occurs we may give refunds after the cutoff date only if we do not have an indoor back-up location secured for the existing class, which is at CAGY's discretion for event changes or any refunds after the cutoff date and time. 

​Refund and cancellation information is listed in the event description at the time of your selection/order before your purchase, on the Sign-Up page and Contact Us (FAQ) page on our website and for sign-ups after May 22, 2019 also on your order confirmation. 

By signing up for any CAGY event you agree to our terms of service.

If I miss class, has service been rendered?


Yes. Regardless if a participant shows up, the event occurs along with all the expenses incurred for producing the event for the participant after the refund deadline has passed. This includes hiring certified yoga instructor, venue rental, fuel to drive to/from the location site, marketing the event and hiring of staff/labor to name some of the expenses; in addition to feeding and caring for the goats themselves whether it's a 'yoga day' or not. 


Instructor, goats, etc., are there for the event and there is a yoga mat out and waiting for you. We perform the service we are paid to render, whether or not you show up. 


As a reminder, we do refunds up until four (4) days before the event (please read our refund policy on this same page), which is the cutoff of when we're tied down to each participant's expenses. You agreed to our terms of service by purchasing an event ticket. We make every effort to clearly display and state our refund policy to make this a great experience for everyone involved.

Can I receive credit if I miss my class?


We do not offer or advertise credit for goat yoga for no-shows and cancellations past our refund cut-off. This is partly due to the mobile nature of the goat yoga of varying venues across the state, and also the sunk costs we pay for your participant spot in the existing class.


At our discretion, if you contact us prior to the refund cut-off date for your event, we may possibly move you to another class of equal value if space allows that takes place the same weekend or following week. Your initial refund cut-off date will remain your cutoff date for refund.

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