goat yoga // noun / the art of yoga with goats walking & playing at-will around you. Also see: fun, chaos

We create fun moments and memories for families, corporate functions and goat lovers throughout California.

California Goat Yoga is a public outreach program by family owned and operated Mullenax Ranch. The 'off-grid' regenerative farm and ranch is focused around holistic management and sustainability of natural resources through permaculture application. A style meant to heal the land through farming, instead of taking away.

Goats and sharing agriculture are our passion and we're both excited and blessed to have the opportunity to share them with you! Our specialty is Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which are classified as a miniature breed of 'dairy goat'. They all have a name and distinct personality and they are all family. 
We offer a mobile goat yoga experience with public and private outdoor events statewide in California all year long. Everything is provided including the yoga mats (& goats too!) 
Other events include 'Goat Yoga & Wine' or 'Brews' events, our annual 'Pajama Party' with the itty-bitty babies and other fun experiences. View our upcoming events on the Events - Sign Up page.

Private Events for your family, friends, birthday, bridal group, corporate retreat or workplace are offered statewide and you can request a quote unique to you on our Private Events page. Please allow us a few days to get back with you, and we appreciate 30-days advance planning when able.
More is always being added, so join our e-mail list if you'd like a periodic e-mail for updates, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @CaliforniaGoatYoga and join us as we get started on TikTok!

Come see what 'goat yoga' is all about! Our miniature goats are laid back, 'Netflix and chill' kind of personalities who love to snuggle, be pet and loved on and just hang out with new friends.  #Naaamaste

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"Snowflake" the goat who started it all and shaped the direction of our lives. Ring-bearer in our wedding, and living in our house the first few months. The 'deal' we made as husband and wife is Snowflake would move to the barn if we got more goats. We now have a 'few' goats. Cuter by the dozen, right? 

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