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Giving Back Through Goats


Community. Awareness. Kindness & Compassion. Physical Health. Mental & Spiritual Health. Happiness. Connection. Life Moments & Memorable Experiences. We believe in the importance of 'paying things forward' and 'giving back' every chance you have. 

Goats are great, there's no denying it! Goat Yoga is also pretty awesome. Agriculture Education is a building block for greater understanding. Whether you're looking at a school visit, hospital visit, fundraiser, donation, parade appearance -whatever the idea or request is, we are open to new experiences as able, with the soft launch of our philanthropic endeavors.


Please note, we are not a 501(c)3 at this time, but a family farm -husband and wife team- who want to make the world a better place one goat at a time! We are looking at launching a non-profit subset of the farm and ranch in future, stay tuned!

Within reason, along with federal, state and local regulation we will do our best to meet requests as able, with the goal of 'one a month' as we get started here. We recommend contacting us at least 60 days prior to the event/activity or request, and making sure to fill in the Special Request Inquiry as fully as possible to expedite the process. 

We've done some things 'here and there' but intentionally launching this philanthropic extension of our public outreach is a little daunting! But with how inundated we've been with requests we weren't yet able to take on this last year, we knew it was time to do something for our community. And since our 'California Goat Yoga' program is statewide, that makes for a pretty large community! 

If you'd like to help out either with someone else's specific request or helping cover something as simple as our fuel to go on a school visit or other cause, we thank you for your support. We do what we can, but with farm bills of our own and animals to feed we can only donate so much or come out of pocket on the diesel farm truck to make the trek out a limited amount without support or help. 

We love our goats and are excited about sharing our furry family members during this new chapter.

Alex Mullenax, Owner Mullenax Ranch 'California Goat Yoga'

AKA 'crazy goat lady'


For Non-Profits & outside the box


Contact us to get started with a Special Request Inquiry for an event or activity outside our standard program


Help someone with their request


If you'd like to support someone's request, cause or philanthropic outreach (or our fuel to get there, etc!)


Because education matters

Ag in the Classroom

Give your 'kids' something to share when we bring one of our 'kids' and share a little about CA's diverse art of 'food & fiber'

Goats as Therapy

Goats really seem to have a healing power about them, a calm and loving presence and  being able to share our goats with others has been a fascinating and eye-opening            experience.

A lot of work goes in to what we do, 99% is back at the farm and ranch feeding and caring for everyone year round, keeping them all healthy and happy doing ‘goat stuff’ (i.e., shenanigans) as they free-range on our farm.

We never really know what people are going through, a bad day, depression or anxiety, or coming out of cancer treatment. But soon after we started the goat yoga we had people coming up and telling us about what the experience meant to them.

Goat Yoga is a positive experience for goats and people alike.

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